Lititgation Avoidance

As former trial lawyers, we’ve seen it all in taking 1000s of depositions, handling hundreds of lawsuits, mediating disputes and trying over 40 lawsuits in the courtroom.
We don’t try lawsuits – our goal is to keep you out of litigation, minimize your risk and keep your corporate noses clean.

Here's what we do

  • Plain English, short documents that you and the other side can understand as opposed to fight over
  • Litigation prevention provisions that keep you out of court, lower damages and give you negotiation leverage against large companies
  • Straight talk about your chances in the fight, what you are likely to risk and how to resolve it short of lawsuits.
  • Negotiation of disputes prior to litigation
We are not trying your lawsuits — we have incentive to keep you out of them if that is the best course.

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