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Keeping Secrets without Non Competes; Alternatives to Non Compete Provisions

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Employers, technology or otherwise, can ensure they have solid confidentiality and invention assignment agreements in place.

Initial interviews and exit interviews can assure that documents and company property are returned and that confidentiality is maintained.

Trade secret programs can secure key information by restricting to those that need to know. Employers should know that their non compete and even trade secret protocols can be undone if they don't protect the information, including from new cyber attacks, social media slips, etc.

We've always said the cheapest and most secure way to protect your IP and your company secrets is through trade secret programs, i.e. keeping your mouth shut and simple agreements/processes to do so. Even the consulting firm McKinsey in Grow Fast or Die Slow  acknowledges keeping quiet is critical to early growth:

"[A key] factor is stealth. Andrew Grove, former CEO of Intel, famously spoke of paranoia as a virtue. Given the pace at which the barriers to entry are falling in this industry, maintaining a low profile while alpha and beta products are developed is vital. In several of our interviews, CEOs discussed the weak intellectual-property protection provided by patents as a prime example of these low barriers."

Email us for more information re setting up a trade secret program for your company or how to suggest non-compete alternatives for your employment or consulting arrangements.

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