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Why Choose Colson Quinn?

We are two senior counselors with over three decades of experience working on complex corporate intellectual property transactions.
Right Experience
Here’s what we’ve done: Hundreds of Companies Started and Sold. Thousands of Business Contracts Negotiated and Drafted over 32 years. Counsel in over 1000 Business Lawsuits. Forty cases tried in court. Forty cases acted as mediator. Legal counsel to both global companies and entrepreneurial companies. In house counsel to Fortune 500 company. 

You’re not a billable hour. Unlike mega law firms, we create budgets based on a project basis and not required billable hours. That’s why our legal fees average 50% less and our average contract is created within one week. 

Skilled Negotiators
We’ve negotiated both sides – for both global and entrepreneurial companies. This helps us level the playing field, regardless of the matter.

Straight Talk
We don’t hide behind legalese. You appreciate straight talk. So do we.

We return phone calls in 24 hours. Even better, clients are never billed for phone calls under five minutes.

You are not a template. Behind every legal issue is a person. We’ll get to know you. We take a unique and personal approach to every matter. We are devoted to our clients. 

Simple Solutions to Complex Problems
As former trial lawyers, we saw how complexity caused problems, fights and yes, lawsuits. 

If you want plain spoken, honest, pragmatic advice you’ve come to the right place. We tell you what’s in your best interest, not ours (even if it means we do no or less work).

Expert Risk/Reward Assessment
We know there are usually 2-3 key issues in a deal, which risks must be minimized, when to take risks, and what priorities matter at the end of the day. We know what matters at the end of the day—we solve the critical problems, not every problem. 

Peace of Mind
You can focus on your business while we take care of the legal landmines. We are here to serve, it is through our clients’ appreciation, long lasting relationships and even friendship, that we are rewarded as lawyers—the gift of being able to make things better. 

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